About Us

First and foremost, we are trained and experienced gardeners. Our 37 years of gardening and business experience, along with personal and immediate attention from Maggy for all of our clients, is the key to our success. Visit our photo gallery and you will see many examples of our work which these days focuses on New York City rooftop, terrace, and townhouse gardens. Also cut flower arrangements for parties and weekly corporate accounts. And of course window boxes.

Our head gardener, Barry Turner, has been involved in The Window Box since its inception. He met Maggy Geiger in 1976 and was the first gardener to help her as her business increased. He started his gardening career in 1973 after graduating from SUNY Delhi with a degree in Horticulture. During the past 37 years he has worked in many aspects of horticulture. He gained knowledge of tropical plants working at the tropical wholesale/retail company Jacob O’Hara. During the Seventies, Barry was head gardener and manager for seven years at the penthouse farm/garden of General Motors heir Stewart Mott. There he gained extensive experience in rooftop gardening. Returning to the ground in 1980, he became head gardener at Hudson View Gardens. Over the next 27 years, he redesigned and planted the entire garden. He has worked at The Window Box full time since 2003.

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