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Nobody will devote more TLC to your precious patch of urban soil than Maggy Geiger from the WINDOW BOX (217 East 27th Street; 686-5382), who has been digging up gardens around the city for 22 years. “If you’re someone who wants a real garden and not just a collection of expensive artifacts, she’ll give it to you”, says Wave Hill Director of Horticulture Marco Polo Stufano. It comes from just really loving the earth and plants. Despite her upper-crust training at the world-renowned Wave Hill Gardens in the Bronx (along with multiple gigs catering to Fifth Avenue matrons and celebs like Richard Avedon), Geiger seems just as happy working on your personal rooftop green space as she is designing the elegant planters in front of the Carlyle Hotel. As for in-house vegetation, she’s equally savvy in the realm of indoor plants and will do floral arrangements for special occasions. “I love talking to people and seeing what they want, because plants are like people”, Geiger says, “they move, they grow, and they change.”

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